Contractor license requirements by province

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Want to learn more about your contractor’s credentials? We’re here to help.

Planning your renovation is exciting. You’ve likely searched the internet and scoured magazines for design inspiration to devise your dream space. Next comes the execution – and finding the right contractor is key to making your dream a reality. But what do you search for to ensure a contractor is licensed to do all the work involved? The answer will depend on the province you’re building in.

Where required, Smart Reno validates that its contractors are licensed to work in their designated provinces, however, additional licensing or coverage may be required for your specific municipality. As a general rule, we encourage all homeowners to confirm any local by-law requirements that may apply to your project. Read on to learn about the different types of licences and credentials a contractor should have in each province, and what you should look for before you hire.

What credentials should your contractor have?

The contractor that you hire to help with your home renovation or construction project should be qualified to do the work, so it’s important to choose a contractor that has the necessary licenses, insurance, and experience in the area of work you require.

Here are the five most important factors to look for when choosing a home renovation contractor: