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How to Use Modern Room Dividers for Open Spaces

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Apr 26, 2021
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Sometimes, a room is just too big to be left only as one room. If you have an open space in a loft, for instance, you want to make the best of that area and divide the room.

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Building a wall is not always an option, particularly when you do not want to destroy the entire architecture of the place. Moreover, smaller spaces are cozier, so it’s understandable that you’d want to turn a single room into two smaller areas. So, how do you add a little privacy to a particular spot in the room without having to close it off completely? That’s simple; you go for room dividers. It may not be as isolating as a regular wall, but it will still give you some privacy. Here are some ideas for room dividing that you might want to check out.

1. Curtains

Curtains represent the easiest and least expensive way to divide a bigger room into two smaller ones. Granted, they may not be soundproof. However, at the very least, they will prevent intruders from peeking into your sleeping quarters—or whatever else you may be planning to build there. All you need are some long curtain rods or poles suspended from the ceiling, some hooks or rings—and of course, the curtains. For a better effect, choose some thick custom drapery that compliments your room’s design and can be installed by professionals.

2. Wooden trellis for plants

When you have a big room, plants will always pull the space together. To create a wall full of greenery, add wooden trellis the size of your room and place some climbing plants underneath it. It might take some time until the plants grow, so you need some patience. However, you can also buy an already-grown plant that you may weave yourself within the trellis. In the meantime, you may paint the trellis whichever way you want to fit the design of the room.

3. Folding screens

Folding screens are also very common when it comes to dividing rooms. Their advantage is that you may easily remove them from the room whenever you want. So, if you want your room to feel whole again, then all you have to do is remove the screen.

You may get a screen to divide the entire room—or you can get a smaller one only to separate a particular corner of the room. This way, you may have your privacy whenever you need it. You can also choose any colour and pattern you want, as folding screens come in various styles and designs.

4. Shelves

If you want to turn your room divider into something multi-functional, you may go for shelves. The advantage of shelves is that they can hold anything you like and will help you organize items such as books, records, movies, plants, supplies, and objects of sentimental value. If you don’t want visibility through the shelf, you might want to panel it in the middle or turn one side into a paneled wall. This way, one side will look like a regular shelf, whereas the other will look like a wall.

5. Sliding door

A sliding door will require some professionals to assist with installation and will likely cost more than the other recommendations on this list. However, the privacy that sliding doors provide is superior. Additionally, sliding doors will help block out noise if necessary and has the ability to make one room feel like two entirely separate spaces. Research to find the right model for your space and call around for a quote before committing to anything so you can get the most for your money.

6. Shipping pallets

If you have access to shipping pallets, then you may consider repurposing them as dividers in your home. This suggestion requires you to get a bit crafty, but if you are willing to do the work, you can create a divider that works just as well as a store-bought option. Repurpose shipping pallets by nailing them together to create a wall divider. Once you have the desired length and height, you can paint or stain the wood to create a unique design that suits your specific space.

7. Vinyl record room dividers

If you are a fan of vinyl, you might want to turn the volume down and listen. Gather all the vinyl records that you no longer need (or that are no longer functional), drill four holes on each edge until you get a square, and then connect the vinyl on each end using metal wire. The result will be a vinyl “curtain” that will still allow you to see on the other side of the room—to some extent. If you are not a fan of the classic vinyl look, you can paint over the LPs or use contact paper to cover them.

Get creative with room dividers

Creating room dividers can be as simple as shopping around for a piece that can be installed by a professional, but it never hurts to take on a DIY project. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of imagination to get the job done.

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