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8 Essential Furniture Items to Fill Your Home

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Apr 26, 2021
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When moving to a new house or renovating the existing one, there’s a lot of planning and execution involved in making your house feel like a home. Filling it with furniture is just one of the ways to bring it together. Of course, sticking to a budget can be challenging, but if you plan ahead by investing in the essential items first, you can revisit your budget later to plan for the items you want instead of need. Below are some recommendations to help get you started.

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1. Comfortable mattress

A night of restful sleep is essential to good health and a positive mood, so it’s no wonder we’ve placed purchasing a comfortable mattress at the top of the list. The issue you may face is the abundance of options at your disposals when it comes to mattresses, frames, and all the fixings. To find the mattress that’s perfect for you, begin by identifying any obstacles you have physically that could impact your sleep. For example, if you suffer from back pain, you may consider a firm mattress over a soft option. Then there’s memory foam, pillow top, and other bells and whistles that can really up the ante of your mattress game. You should speak to an expert or conduct extensive research online to find the mattress that’s best suited to your needs. Many brands on the market now promote a guaranteed good night’s sleep or receive a full refund.

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2. Couch or sofa

A couch or sofa may not seem like an essential item, but if you have a family or plan to entertain guests, investing in a sofa or couch that’s appropriate for your space is really important. The key to buying a good sofa or couch is shopping around to compare style, quality and prices. During your research, you will quickly see that the cost of a sofa or couch can vary, and that’s why it’s important to know exactly what you want in terms of the fine details like fabric, colour, accents (like metal or wood), and size. Even though the two words have become interchangeable, it may help to understand the difference between a sofa and a couch.


A sofa is the more common term and likely what you were used to growing up. Sofa’s range in size and construction, and they are commonly purchased as sectionals or loveseat, depending on the buyers’ specific needs. Additionally, sofas often provide ample space for homeowners and their guests and typically feature comfy cushions and two arms.


A couch is a more basic seating arrangement. Often more casual and small, couches generally do not have arms and are not as large as a traditional sofa. The word comes from an Old French verb, “couche,” which means “to lie down,” and the couches’ design reflects that meaning.

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3. Functional dining table

You may not be prepared to purchase a massive dining room table right away, but investing in a functional table for you and your family is an important item to cross off the essential furniture list. Shop around to determine what table size will work for your immediate needs, and consider what you may need in the future so you can budget accordingly. In addition to eating dinner together as a family, a functional kitchen or dining room table will come in handy if you need to work from home or require space to work on passion products or assist the kids’ with their homework.

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4. Suitable lighting

The right kind of lighting can change the entire look of your house, and oftentimes it comes down to simply selecting the right lightbulbs. Lighting throughout your home, whether from a table lamp or ceiling pendant, sets the mood for the entire space. These days, homeowners move away from traditional yellow lights and consider more modern approaches like the coveted Phillips Hue smart lights. But that’s just the bulbs! You will also need to decide where in your home you want to add additional light. Floor and table lamps are common to place throughout the home, and choosing the right structure and design will depend on the other decor and themes featured throughout your space.

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5. Shelves

Organizing your home is imperative, and it won’t be possible without some shelves. You can place shelves in any room in your home, but the living room and bedroom are often the most common. Consider which items may require specific organization, such as books, movies, records, and sentimental items. If you’re a plant lover, then choosing shelves that can house your greenery is also something to think about. There are a variety of shelves to choose from, including standing or floating shelves. The materials will vary, so think about the overall design of your space and what will work for your personal aesthetic like wood, metal, glass or plastic.

bedroom dresser midcentury modern

6. Dresser

It goes without saying that owning a dresser will ease your stress when it comes to organizing your clothing and accessories. Choosing a dresser really comes down to your bedroom design, and matching your dresser to your bed frame or other furniture in the room will help you determine what’s best. The same rules apply here, as mentioned in the other essential items. The material and construction of the dresser will depend on your personal preference for design. Additionally, the dresser’s size will be a factor when it comes to the space available in your bedroom. For example, standing dressers would fit better in a smaller bedroom, while long dressers are optimal for larger spaces.

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7. Bathroom storage

When it comes to bathroom storage, homeowners often have to get creative, depending on their bathroom size. Adding storage shelves and dividers to drawers and cupboards will help optimize space for toiletries and other bathroom essentials. For items that you don’t mind having on display, consider bathroom shelves that sit over the toilet, shower caddies, and baskets for linens, towels, and more.

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8. Carpets & Rugs

Once you have all the necessary furniture, it’s time to pull everything together. Some rugs can help you light up the entire room. You can opt for neutral colours if you have colourful sofas or multi-coloured ones with plain sofas. This colour contrasting can boost the theme of your entire house. Also, for a cozy environment, you can place carpets in your bedroom. Opt for thicker or faux fur ones to help warm up a dull space. Just remember that the material you land on will impact the overall maintenance of carpets and rugs, so choose carefully if cleaning isn’t something you want to spend a lot of time on.

Do the research before you purchase new furniture

Choosing the necessary furniture for your home really comes down to what you want versus what you need. When you’re just starting, the list above should serve as a helpful guide for the essential furniture needs. Once you’ve established the basics, you can begin planning for more exciting and desirable items that will help create design themes throughout your home. Just remember to research before you commit to a purchase and plan a realistic budget to ensure you can invest in more items down the line.

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