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Frequently Asked

What is Smart Reno?2021-05-06T17:15:55+00:00

Smart Reno helps you find and compare qualified and available contractors for your home renovation project.

How much does it cost to use Smart Reno for my renovation?2021-05-06T17:15:22+00:00

Submitting a project to Smart Reno is 100% free. The cost of our service is assumed by the contractors.

Are Smart Reno contractors licensed & insured?2021-06-04T16:34:49+00:00

When contractors join Smart Reno, they must demonstrate proof of insurance of at least $1,000,000 and provide evidence of professional certifications where required, in the jurisdictions they operate in.

How does Smart Reno qualify the Contractors?2021-06-04T17:11:05+00:00

All contractors that join Smart Reno undergo our verification process. This includes ensuring they have valid insurance and any licenses required in their area. We also monitor ratings and reviews of their past projects and remove any contractor that does not meet our standards.

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We do our best to obtain current and up-to-date information on each Contractor, using publicly available sources, third-party data companies, or government databases. Unfortunately, these sources may not be updated in real-time and there is no way for us to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information that we obtain. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that the information we obtain as part of our verification process is complete, free of errors, accurate or that it is up to date at the time that we perform the verification.