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Renovation Process
How to plan a roof renovation

It’s hard to find something more irritating and anxiety-provoking than a leaky roof. Catching the drips in a bucket isn’t the answer. Instead, talk to a professional roof contractor about repair or replacement before water damage sets in. Roof renovations can be pricey, but having a well-insulated, watertight home is well worth the expense. Get started with these three simple steps:

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How much does it cost to renovate a roof?

The cost of a roof renovation depends on the size of your roof, your location, and the roofing materials used, along with other factors determined by your unique needs and circumstances. For instance, steeply sloping roofs pose safety hazards that require more skill and knowledge to navigate than gently sloping roofs. The presence of several chimneys or roof sculptures can also drive up the price, as labourers will have to work around these structures.

Roofing quotes will reflect the time, materials, labour, and expertise required to complete your renovations. Make sure that you detail any special properties of your roof when negotiating with a roof contractor. And remember: if the quote seems too high for the job, ask another professional for an estimate. Always compare roof quotes carefully before settling on the final price.

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Type of roof Predictable budget
Asphalt Shingle $6 sq. ft.
Metal $15 sq. ft.
Flat $12 sq. ft.

Replacement cost

Most common roofing materials used in Canada

With the dizzying array of roof styles available, choosing between roof design types can be the most challenging aspect of your roof renovation. You will want to strike a balance between expressing your taste in exterior decoration, keeping your house warm and watertight, and sticking to your budget. Start by matching common roofing materials used in Canada to your current renovation needs. The most common roofing materials include asphalt shingles, wood and cedar shakes, metal, and green roofs.

Tips and tricks
When does a roof need to be replaced?

When problems with your roof threaten the structural integrity of your home, it’s time for a full roof replacement. The best roof repairs should happen before any major damage is done. Be sure to book an inspection if you notice any of these roof replacement warning signs:

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Frequently Asked

How long does a roof last?2021-04-29T14:28:29-04:00

A quality roofing renovation will last between 20–30 years. Home roof repairs and replacing roof shingles will be required during your roof’s lifetime.

How can you find out the age of your roof?2021-04-29T14:27:52-04:00

Roof shingles lose the granules that make up their pebbly surface over time. Bald spots on your roof are a sure sign that your roof is at least 20years old. A professional roof inspector can offer you a more precise estimate.

What should I ask my roofer?2021-04-29T14:27:11-04:00

Ask your roofer if they’re certified. In Quebec, roofers are required to obtain a licence. In all other provinces and territories, licensure or certification for roofers is available, but voluntary. We recommend hiring a certified roofer. Additionally, ask to see proof of insurance and a letter of exemption from your province’s Worker’s Compensation Board. This will protect you against liability for worker injuries or property damage.

Can a handyman do roofing?2021-04-29T14:26:17-04:00

A handyman can do roofing without a roofer’s licence in every province and territory outside Quebec. However, we suggest engaging a licensed, certified roof contractor who is guaranteed to have the requisite experience to perform roofing renovations and who is accountable to a licensing board.

Is a light or dark roof better?2021-04-29T14:25:23-04:00

Darker roof colours absorb heat well. In a cold climate, this contributes to your winter insulation and facilitates snow removal. Canadian houses almost always opt for dark roof colours. While homeowners in hot climates prefer lighter roofs that reflect sunlight, keeping the house cool.

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