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Renovation Process
How to start planning a masonry renovation project

Is the bulging wall on your newly acquired fixer-upper giving you pause? Maybe you’d like to incorporate decorative stones into your landscaping project or install granite countertops in your kitchen. From how to find a masonry contractor to an overview of what you can expect once construction is underway, Smart Reno can help you through your masonry renovation planning process in three simple steps:

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How much does a mason cost?

The cost of a mason can range widely, depending on the nature of your renovations. Maintenance work like brick sealing or brick repointing will cost less than repairing a bulging wall or replacing deteriorating bricks. The cost of bricks is only a small part of the price for building a retaining wall. You will be paying for materials used in masonry as well as bricklaying skill, knowledge, and expertise. A more experienced and specialized mason will charge a higher rate than a bricklayer just out of an apprenticeship.

Type of work Predictable budget
Repointing $12 – $23 sq.ft.
Bowing $25 – $50 sq.ft.
New brick installation $25 – $50 sq.ft.

Average cost for materials and labour

masonry laying stone wall

What kind of projects can a mason do?

Masons are trained to work with clay bricks, concrete blocks, and natural stones. Many masons start out as bricklayers learning the craft by building brick walls and chimneys before further specializing as a mason where they work with natural stones and learn more advance techniques. Masons can do a wide variety of projects including laying bricks and blocks, repairing chimneys, tuckpointing and repairing failed mortar joints, building stone retaining walls, and laying natural stone paths.

Tips and tricks
How to choose the best masonry contractor for your home renovation

The question isn’t just how to find a masonry contractor, but how to find the right masonry contractor. A masonry renovation can be more expensive than other forms of home renovations due to the skilled labour and higher materials cost involved. Sorting through masonry contractors requires you to consider your budget, the masonry repair or renovations required, any additional factors provided on their professional website, as well as customer reviews.

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Frequently Asked

What is considered masonry?2021-04-28T14:26:21-04:00

Masonry can refer to building and repairing structures using brick, blocks of concrete, or stone. It also includes plaster application, which is necessary for window lintel repairs. Making a path using decorative stones, restoring an old chimney, and parging a foundation are all examples of masonry. A bricklayer will be able to do most forms of masonry that involve concrete and brick, while a certified mason will have additional skill and expertise in dealing with natural stone.

What are some types of masonry?2021-04-28T14:24:47-04:00

Entry-level masons are called bricklayers. Experts in everything brick and concrete, bricklaying contractors can build and repair walls, chimneys, and walkways. More experienced bricklayers may specialize  and become stonemasons, learning how to cut countertops perfectly for your home kitchen renovation.

What are the disadvantages of bricks?2021-04-28T14:23:57-04:00

Bricks provide a durable construction option for load-bearing walls, exterior siding, and decorative walkways. However, they are porous and will degrade over the years due to moisture infiltration and degradation of the mortar. To address these issues, ask your bricklaying contractor about brick sealing to protect against water damage and brick repointing to reinforce old mortar.

What is the difference between a bricklayer and a mason?2021-04-28T14:23:08-04:00

A bricklayer is an entry-level mason with general skills involving concrete and brick. A mason may have started out as a bricklayer before learning more complex and specialized techniques for cutting and working with natural stones or restoring plaster.

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