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Renovation Process
How to plan outdoor projects with a landscape designer

When you look out the window, you want to see a peaceful landscape that complements the aesthetic of your home. If you’re looking to give your backyard’s design a beauty boost, brighten up your driveway, or plant a front yard garden, enlist the help of a professional landscape designer. These qualified, certified landscaping contractors can provide a blueprint for how to make a beautiful backyard garden. Jump start your journey to landscaping success by following these three simple steps:

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How much do landscaping services cost?

Basic maintenance work like mowing and seasonal mulching will cost less than employing a landscape designer or architect to develop and implement a plan for realizing more extensive landscape ideas. Generally, your price will depend on the average cost per hour of landscaping services, the square feet of exterior area, and the type of project. A landscape designer will often charge by the hour for their services. No matter the nature of your project, ensure you compare quotes from landscaping companies to be certain you’re getting a fair price.

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Type of renovation Predictable budget
Lawn care and yard maintenance $300 – $1000
Front yard renovation $10,000 – $15,000
Backyard renovation $15,000 – $30,000

Average cost

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What’s typically included in a landscaping project?

Do you have a portfolio of front yard landscaping ideas, but find yourself confused about how to work around your driveway? Or are you at a loss for how to fix your backyard after a snowstorm did away with your favourite tree and your gazebo in one fell swoop? Landscaping projects can range in scope and complexity from mowing a lawn to installing an ornamental flower garden with a koi pond as its centrepiece. Your desired improvements may require the involvement of skilled masonry contractors, carpenters, or electricians.

Tips and tricks
Top front yard and backyard design ideas

Most homeowners start out with a broad vision for a dream backyard garden or have a collection of front yard landscaping ideas curated on Pinterest to present to their landscape architect. Consider adding these top Canadian landscaping ideas to your design portfolio.

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Frequently Asked

What does landscaping mean?2021-04-28T01:33:09-04:00

Landscaping refers to the modification of an outdoor space via planting trees, flowers, shrubbery, and vegetables and installing hardscape elements like ponds, fences, and pathway stones. Lawn aeration, seeding, and mowing are also considered part of landscaping. Gardening and landscaping often go hand in hand, with landscape architects offering guidance in how to design a garden given difficult weather conditions and uneven topography.

What do landscapers do?2021-04-28T01:32:36-04:00

Residential landscapers work on ground preparation and maintenance jobs, often collaborating with a landscape designer or landscape architect to implement gardening and landscaping projects. Your local landscapers mow lawns, install sod, mulch gardens, remove tree stumps, and perform many other lawn improvement tasks.

What is a good price for landscaping?2021-04-28T01:32:05-04:00

The cost of landscaping services should accurately reflect the scope of your garden ideas and the size of your exterior space. Obtain quotes from multiple landscaping companies to get an idea of the average cost for your outdoor project. Be as detailed as possible when describing your square footage, your lawn improvement ideas, and desired backyard design. The more information you can provide, the more accurate your cost estimate will be.

Is a fence part of landscaping?2021-04-28T01:31:23-04:00

In landscape design, installing a fence is part of the “hardscaping” process. Hardscaping refers to the installation of non-living elements in your garden, and fences are only the beginning. Ask your landscape architect about how to incorporate pathways, ponds, and decorative fountains into your garden.

Is landscaping worth the investment?2021-04-28T01:30:34-04:00

Realizing your lawn improvement ideas affords you a beautiful view from your front window and increases your resale value. Landscaping services allow you to enjoy your morning coffee while looking out over a living, growing investment in the value of your home. Nothing adds to curb appeal more than a gorgeous front yard garden.

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