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Renovation Process
How to plan a kitchen renovation

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you’re looking to improve the future resale value of your home or design a luxury kitchen that’ll make meal preparation a dream, your investment in a residential kitchen renovation will yield substantial rewards. A quality kitchen renovation contractor will be indispensable. Your contractor will not only help you implement your kitchen remodeling plan, but will help you find the materials, appliances, and professional services that best suit your needs.

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How much does it cost to
renovate a kitchen?

The average kitchen renovation will cost about $19,000, including installing new counters and cabinets, reworking the flooring, and purchasing and installing kitchen appliances.
The cost will be lower if you opt for budget appliances and do the work yourself. However, for a polished look and professional guidance in case of unexpected setbacks, using a qualified and verified contractor is highly recommended.

In the long run, employing a professional experienced in kitchen renovations will save money, time, and stress.

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Type of renovation Predictable budget
Economic $19,000 to $26,000
Standard $23,000 to $31,000
High end $35,000 to $50,000

Complete kitchen renovation of 150 ft2

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What’s typically included in a kitchen remodel?

A kitchen remodel will typically include replacing out-of-date or faulty appliances and light fixtures, installing a new sink and countertops, and re-doing the flooring. Changing the make, model, and location of counters and cabinets can be included as part of a moderate remodel to upgrade the appearance of a kitchen, giving it a more open feel without altering the floor plan. A more extensive remodel may include making changes to interior walls.

The range of kitchen styles and the vast number of kitchen remodeling ideas available may seem overwhelming. When determining what your kitchen remodel will include, it is important to remember what you value most about your current kitchen and what you’d like to change to make it more functional. Luxury kitchen design is, first and foremost, about increasing the ease and comfort of preparing your meals.

Tips and tricks
How to choose the best materials for your kitchen renovation

When selecting materials for your kitchen renovation, start with the surfaces. Is your kitchen a baker’s paradise, a plant-based prep station, or a fuelling station for a hungry family? The style you envision should guide your choice of material.

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Frequently Asked

What’s the cheapest way to renovate a kitchen?2021-05-07T19:02:08-04:00

Just as there isn’t one way to renovate a kitchen, there isn’t one cheapest way to renovate a kitchen. Reducing kitchen renovation costs can be accomplished by optimizing the materials used and working with qualified professionals who charge a fair price. Use Smart Reno’s cost estimate tool to get three free quotes for your project. If your vision surpasses your current budget, consider consulting with a professional kitchen contractor on how to reduce costs.

Is renovating a kitchen worth it?2021-05-07T19:01:25-04:00

Renovating your kitchen not only adds resale value to your home; it improves your quality of life. With the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll find increased satisfaction in preparing and eating your meals. If your kitchen is where you spend most of your time at home—cooking, eating meals with family and friends, or just enjoying a cup of coffee and a quiet moment—then investing in a remodel is an investment in your happiness.

Where do I start when renovating a kitchen?2021-05-07T19:01:00-04:00

Start by determining what you want out of your kitchen. Are you improving an investment property, renovating an older home, or simply making your kitchen a better space for cooking and eating? Consolidate your kitchen remodelling ideas into a solid plan, get an estimate for the cost of your kitchen renovation, and find a qualified, verified contractor.

Can you remodel a kitchen for $5,000?2021-05-07T19:00:34-04:00

It’s possible to remodel a kitchen for $5,000 if you work on your own to apply laminate countertops, repaint cabinets, and install budget appliances at existing water and electrical hookups. This is not a realistic budget for a kitchen remodel that requires more extensive renovations.

What are the most cost-efficient kitchen cabinets?2021-05-07T18:58:11-04:00

Plywood kitchen cabinets will be the cheapest choice, but you may prefer the look of solid wood or MDF (wood and resin blend) cabinets. Having cabinets made from scratch will be more expensive than buying a premade cabinet system. For kitchens with an unusual floor plan, custom cabinetry may be necessary. Work with your contractor to find the materials and design that will work best for you, within your budget.

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