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Interior Renovations

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Interior Renovation Process

How to plan an interior renovation

Are you ready to expand, brighten, and transform your living space? Do you need an at-home work space or gym? Think about the changes you’d like to see in your home: more natural light, an open-concept kitchen, or simply a designated place to store backpacks, purses, and coats (other than the dining room table). Then take that interior design inspiration and turn it into reality with the help of professional home interior designers. Kickstart your interior renovation with Smart Reno’s three simple steps to find an interior designer:

Large classic white living room with white brick fireplace, oak hardwood floors and design planning with colour swatches
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How much does it cost to renovate a house’s interior?

Interior renovation costs vary widely. Interior renovation general contractors will provide an estimate for the total project, including the price of materials and any other interior renovation contractors, like electricians, plumbers, or masons, that you’ll need to hire. The general contractor will likely set their fee at 10 to 25 per cent of the total project cost. 

For a less extensive interior renovation project, your contractor may charge an hourly fee between $75 and $250, depending on their skill and experience. In most cases, the cost of materials and skilled labour will constitute  the bulk of your interior renovation cost. Use Smart Reno’s cost estimate tool to get an idea of your interior renovation cost based on the space you wish to redesign.

Get Interior Estimate
Type of renovation Predictable budget
Basement renovation $23,000 to $53,000
Bathroom renovation $31,000 to $51,000
Kitchen renovation $19,000 to $50,000

Complete interior renovation of 150 ft2

A before and after interior renovation of a living area with large windows and white walls on a mezzanine

What’s typically included in an interior renovation?

A full interior renovation may involve employing professional interior designers to develop the basic design and determine the changes to your floor plan that are necessary for transforming your current home into the home of your dreams. This process can include everything from knocking down walls to changing the colour of your ceiling. For interior design inspiration, or to get an idea of what to expect during your interior renovation, check out these components of a successful home interior design:

Removing walls to open up spaces is one of the most common homeowner requests for an interior renovation job. Without increasing square footage by an inch, removing interior walls can provide the illusion of a larger home. Increased natural light, a greater feeling of connection between family room and kitchen, and a potentially higher resale value are all perks of an open-concept space. 

New interior decorations can be a budget-friendly way to spruce up your space. Changing the colour of your curtains to complement furnishings can bring together your living room interior design at a fraction of the cost of repainting or removing interior walls. 

New wall units and fireplaces can freshen up dull dens and guest bedrooms. Talk to your interior renovation contractor about additional services, such as masons and electricians, that may be required for successful installation. 

New flooring and paint give your home’s interior a full makeover without breaking the bank. Lighter paint colours give the illusion of a larger space, while tiling can differentiate an area from the rest of a room without breaking up an open-concept space. Ask your contractor about interior design tips for achieving your remodelling dreams with minimal structural modifications to your home. 

Upgrade your family room, kitchen, or basement office with interior design and furnishings that suit your style,  tastes, and everyday needs. Add elegance and convenience to your nighttime routine with new furniture, decorations, and modern smart home upgrades in your bedroom and bathroom. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your interior decorating ideas!

Tips and tricks
Top interior renovation ideas for your home renovation

Interior decorating ideas and interior design inspiration are everywhere you turn—on your newsfeed, your inbox, even the supermarket checkout aisle. Narrowing them down can seem like an impossible task. We suggest starting with a short list of common interior decorating ideas. Here are some top ideas satisfied Canadian homeowners have used for their interior renovations:

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Frequently Asked

What does an interior designer do?2022-01-31T09:59:33-05:00

Professional interior designers take your decorating ideas and transform them into a concrete plan for remodelling the interior of your home. They’ll  tell you if additional skilled services, such as general contractors and electricians, are needed to perform aspects of your interior renovation. Your interior renovation contractor or designer will coordinate all of the project’s  moving parts, from ordering light fixtures to helping you select the right paint colour for your living room. For a smooth transition from Pinterest board to reality, an interior designer is indispensable.

How much does it cost to remodel a home’s interior?2022-01-31T09:57:32-05:00

Remodelling the interior of a home can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $100,00 or more, depending on the extent of the renovations and the labour and materials used. Get a cost estimate and ask for quotes from at least three different interior renovation contractors before beginning your project.

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