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Home Extensions

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Renovation Process
How to plan a home addition

When planning your home addition, start with a direction: up, down, or to the side? The direction you choose to extend is only one of many major factors involved in expanding your home. Find a home addition contractor to oversee the process with expert knowledge and skill.

Making drawings, plastering and doing electrical work for a home extension
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How much does it cost to build an extension to your house?

Home addition projects can cost as little as a DIY greenhouse kit and some weekend elbow grease, or as much as the price of your current home. Your location, the size of your house extension, and the structural changes involved will all contribute to your house extension costs. In most parts of Canada, the price per square foot varies between $100 and $200. Building on existing foundations is a good way to bring the price per square foot down.

Type of renovation Predictable budget
Home extension on piles $200 – $250 sq. ft.
Home extension on foundation/slab $250 – $300 sq. ft.
Storey addition $250 – $350 sq. ft.

Demolition not included.

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What’s typically included in a home addition?

To add an extension to your house, you’ll usually begin by working with an architect or structural engineer to draw up blueprints and apply for a building permit. Once the blueprints are finalized and the permit is obtained, take the time to consult with your home addition contractor to determine how and when the work will take place. Demolition of walls and supports may be required, as well as laying a new foundation or installing concrete pilings. After the general structure of the home extension is in place, the rooms will be framed and the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work will be completed. Finally, the drywall, flooring, and any painting or finishing can be done.

Tips and tricks
Popular home addition ideas in Canada

There are many types of home additions, so it’s important to consider your lifestyle when designing your home addition. You and your family deserve a home that suits your needs, whether you’re welcoming a new member of the household or celebrating your recent transition to empty nesters. The best home additions result from a combination of meticulous planning and clearly articulated needs. Consider the house extension ideas below:

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Frequently Asked

Do I need an architect for an extension?2021-04-28T16:13:48-04:00

For a conventional home addition, you will most likely need an architect or structural engineer to develop home extension drawings. There are easy house additions, like installing a carport or greenhouse, that may not require an architect. More complex additions, like building an apartment above your garage, performing a two or three-storey extension, or adding an attic to your home, will involve employing an architect for the development of detailed home addition plans.

Can I put an extension on my house?2021-04-28T16:11:43-04:00

Before embarking on your home addition, be sure to consult with your contractor and check your city bylaws. Zoning regulations may prevent you from building an extension on your home. Check with your local permit issuing authority before beginning any construction project involving major structural changes to a residential building.

How long should a house extension take?2021-04-28T16:11:11-04:00

Depending on the scale of your house extension, the work can be accomplished over the course of a weekend or may take place over a period of months. Multi-room additions and extensions involving multiple stories will take longer to complete than a bump-out.

Can I extend my house myself?2021-04-28T16:10:13-04:00

DIY-style home additions are possible with greenhouse or carport kits. Bump-outs and multi-room extensions are undertakings that involve skilled labor and professional expertise. For your safety, do not attempt a home extension without possessing the skills and expert knowledge of a construction professional.

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