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Renovation Process with a Handyman
How to plan projects with a handyman

What does a handyman do? Your local handyman (or woman) can take care of small home repairs, odd jobs, regular maintenance work, and smaller home renovations. A handyman contractor can take you through home upgrades and installations with ease. Read on to learn how to find a handyman in three simple steps:

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How much do handyman services cost?

The cost of handyman services will vary depending on the nature of the job and the handyman’s hourly rate and skillset. A general handyman will charge a lower fee for general home services and odd jobs compared to a handyman contractor with expertise in more specialized fields like plumbing and carpentry.

The complexity of a handyman project will also impact the hourly fee. Applying intricate tiling to a bathroom wall will cost more than hanging fabric draping in a basement, and installing a new kitchen storage system may involve a higher hourly rate than applying varnish to existing cabinets. If you are unsure about the cost estimate provided, seek out additional handyman quotes to determine the fair price for a job.

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Type of renovation Predictable budget
Hourly Rate $50 – $150
Small Jobs (<2 hours) $100 – $400
Large Jobs (4+ hours) $500 – $1,000+

Average prices for jobs in Canada

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What kind of projects can a handyman do?

The scope of practice of the residential handyman is so broad, it’s easier to describe what a handyman can’t do. Rewiring electrical, extensive plumbing, or structural repairs are beyond the skills of your local handyman. Most small jobs around the home can be readily added to the handyman repair list.

They can tackle smaller renovation projects like smaller tiling projects, painting a room, and installing storage systems. Some handymen can also handle outdoor landscaping projects like planting new trees, pruning shrubs, and installing raised beds for a new garden.

Handyman: Tips and tricks
Top projects for a handyman

Once you have a handle on how to hire a handyman, it’s time to develop the project list. Handyman projects can cover almost every aspect of home renovation. Homeowners will most often seek out handyman services for these four projects:

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Frequently Asked
Questions About Handyman Contractors

Why should I hire a professional handyman?2022-10-11T15:41:06-04:00

No matter how tempting DIY projects are, sometimes it’s just better to hire a handyman. Of course, it saves time (let’s be honest, who wants to fix a leaky window or pipe on their day off?) but it’s also about expertise. Experienced handyman contractors have the skills to tackle extensive home maintenance jobs such as minor plumbing and woodworking jobs, even weeding the yard, so things are done right the first time. 

Their knowledge also makes them pros at safety – they know which wires to cut, how to stay on a ladder – so they’re safe and so are you. Along with the knowledge comes the tools. Many jobs, even relatively small ones, require expensive specialty tools that homeowners don’t often have on hand but any good handyman does. 

And overall, there can be less stress and expense when there’s an experienced handyman at the helm: they don’t skip steps so every aspect of the job is taken care of and they make sure a standard job doesn’t turn into a costly repair down the road. Nothing is left to chance and the homeowner can rest assured that their home improvement project is done right the first time around.

What is a handyman?2021-05-04T01:39:23-04:00

A handyman (or woman) is a home improvement professional who handles general home services. If you have a list of small home repairs, a handyman contractor can tackle them for you. A handyman acts as the first line of defence for home repair services: if your handyman comes across a serious issue with the structure of your home in the course of their work, they’ll be able to refer you to the appropriate specialized contractor.

What is an hourly rate for a handyman?2021-05-04T01:37:55-04:00

Your handyman’s hourly rate will vary depending on your location and the skill set of your handyman contractor. Typically the more experience they have, the higher rate they will charge.

What is the difference between a handyman and a contractor?2021-05-04T01:36:41-04:00

A handyman can be a form of licensed contractor. In many parts of Canada, a handyman requires a licence to perform more extensive home maintenance jobs. However, while a handyman contractor can perform basic repairs and upkeep, a licensed general contractor can oversee all aspects of a major construction job.

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