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Siding Renovation Process
How to plan your exterior siding renovation

An exterior renovation that keeps your home protected from the elements for decades to come is all about finding a balance between cost and functionality. Get started with these three simple steps for a stress-free siding installation:

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How much does it cost to install or replace siding on your house?

The cost to reside a house’s exterior is determined by the square footage, the type of siding used, and the location of your project. Replacing 1,000 square feet of vinyl siding in Montreal will cost on average between $4,300 and $5,800. An exterior contractor may provide a quote that differs from these estimates based on the specifics of your home remodel.

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Type of renovation Predictable budget
Economic $8,000 to $11,000
Standard $13,000 to $18,000
High end $16,000 to $22,000

1,500 ft2

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How to choose the best siding option for your house

Selecting the best siding option for your house isn’t as simple as choosing the cheapest and easiest siding to install. The primary purpose of siding is to protect your house from the elements. Your siding should provide you with a home that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and, most importantly, water resistant. Think of your exterior siding as your snow, wind, and rain repellent. When considering the right material for your project, think through water resistance, durability, initial cost, maintenance and overall aesthetic. You’ll want to take all your exterior renovation goals into account when considering different types of siding.

Siding Repair & Installation: Tips and tricks
What are the different materials used for siding on a house?

Your choice of house siding materials can make or break your exterior renovation budget. Check with your exterior contractor about the materials available for your siding renovation and collaborate on house siding ideas to determine the option that works best for your home.

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Frequently Asked

Questions About Siding Renovation

How do I choose a siding renovation contractor or installer?2022-08-12T16:33:19-04:00

Start by researching the siding company’s reviews and location (ensure they have a physical address). Make sure they have insurance for general liability, as well as workers’ compensation. Get a written, itemized estimate that clearly lists what is involved in the house siding work. Confirm that you will receive a warranty for the workmanship and also a manufacturer’s warranty. Get a few quotes so you can compare the pricing and quality on the offer. Smart Reno offers up to three free, no obligation quotes from trusted siding professionals in your area. 

What are the benefits of replacing home siding?2022-08-12T16:32:06-04:00

The benefits of replacing house siding abound. Not only does it add curb appeal, new exterior siding makes financial sense. New exterior walls can improve insulation and energy efficiency (which can help you save on hydro bills), while enforcing the structural integrity of your home which, in turn, increases resale value. New house siding will also allow homeowners to repair any damage, like cracks and leaks, that’s hidden behind the old exterior siding

What types of siding services do home siding contractors provide?2022-08-12T16:31:15-04:00

Home siding contractors offer installation, replacement and repair services. They can assess if siding needs to be repaired or replaced depending on the type of material and the damage behind it – if more than half of the house siding is damaged, it’s usually recommended to replace all of it. Siding contractors know which exterior siding is best to install for your home and budget. They also offer pressure washing to keep house siding looking new.

What does exterior siding do for my home?2022-08-12T16:29:00-04:00

The main purpose of exterior siding and cladding is to protect the structure and the contents of your home from the elements. Like a roof, siding acts as your home’s first line of defence. Siding is installed on all exterior walls so as to not leave any areas unprotected.

What is siding?2021-05-02T21:32:33-04:00

Also known as cladding, siding covers your house exterior. It’s applied over an insulating layer to provide your home with triple protection from the elements. Siding is the part of your walls that receives the most wear and tear from the elements, so choose your materials judiciously and find a qualified siding contractor to perform a professional installation.

What materials are best used for exterior siding?2021-05-02T21:30:41-04:00

The optimal materials for exterior siding depend on your location, climate, and budget. Talk to your siding contractor about siding quotes and the types of siding that are best for your home.

What is the cheapest exterior siding?2021-05-02T21:30:07-04:00

Exterior vinyl siding is the cheapest cladding on the market. It can last for 20 years, though it’s prone to warping and cracking in harsh weather conditions. A quick and easy option, it’ll provide your home with protection and insulation when installed properly.

What is the best low maintenance siding?2021-05-02T21:27:56-04:00

Synthetic siding options are often lauded for their low maintenance requirements. However, choices like vinyl and fibre cement siding still require some monitoring and cleaning to prevent mould growth. Ask a local siding contractor about the best low-maintenance siding for your climate.

What is the longest lasting house siding?2021-05-02T21:27:14-04:00

Brick siding stands the test of time, with some homes retaining their initial brickwork well into their third century. It requires maintenance to last that long, however. Vinyl exterior siding, aluminum cladding, or even stucco may be the most durable siding option for your climate.

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