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Electrical Renovations

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Electrical Renovation Process
How to plan an electrical renovation

Do your lights flicker on that one spot in your living room? Or did a snowstorm knock out your power and only half your electrical outlets recovered? Do you want to prevent electrical problems long before you encounter warning signs, perform an electrical upgrade on your older home to improve an outdated wiring system, or install GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets to protect you from accidental electrical shocks? No matter the scenario, for the safety and security of your home, it’s best to plan an electrical renovation with the help of a qualified residential electrician. Let Smart Reno get you started with three simple steps for a stress-free project:

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How much does it cost to
renovate electrical in your home?

The cost to renovate your home’s electrical system will vary depending on your square footage, the current type of wiring in place, and whether additional construction work is needed. The cost to replace dangerous knob and tube wiring in older homes can be upwards of $10,000, but will increase the safety and resale value of your home as well as decrease your home insurance premiums. A new electrical system, such as a smart home, will involve not only the bill for materials and labour, but the cost of proprietary software and circuit components. Wiring a new home addition, garage, bathroom, or basement will involve additional professionals beyond a residential electrician, such as drywallers and framers, and may require a general electrical contractor to coordinate all the moving parts.

Ensure you have a detailed plan for your electrical renovations before confirming a final price and signing a contract.

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Type of renovation Predictable budget
Electrical outlet installation $200 to $300
Electrical panel replacement $700 to $1,500
Rewiring a house $5,000 +

Average Cost of an Electrician.

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What’s typically included in a home electrical renovation?

A full home electrical renovation, typically done to bring an older home up to code, will most likely involve updating electrical wiring (i.e. replacing a knob and tube system in full to prevent electrical fires and mitigate risk of electrical shock). You may require new or auxiliary electrical panels and breakers. You’ll also need to install electrical circuits that can handle 120 or 240 volts to meet the electrical needs of modern appliances. This process will also involve creating new circuits to add outlets or light switches.
You may also wish to add outlets or light switches to an existing circuit. A home that’s already wired according to modern safety standards may require an electrician’s services to install or repair light fixtures and ceiling fans. Installing smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors will often require professional knowledge and skilled labour.

Electrical renovations can also give your home luxurious upgrades. Install electrical wiring for your hot tub or outdoor infrared sauna to turn your backyard into a home spa. While home electrical renovations tend to focus more on safety, you also can certainly make modifications that increase convenience and quality of life.

Electrical Renovations: Tips and tricks
Top electrical upgrade ideas for your home

Your home remodeling dreams are powered by your electrical wiring. Explore your options for electrical upgrades to improve your home’s safety, aesthetics, and functionality:

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Frequently Asked
Questions About Electrical Renovation Contractors

What do residential electricians do?2021-05-07T19:05:53-04:00

Your residential electrician can develop electrical wiring diagrams based on your floor plans and proposed renovations, converting the plan into a blueprint and, finally, a fully rewired home. For less involved projects, your electrician can perform GFCI installation to improve your home’s safety and do general repairs and upgrades over the full spectrum of home electrical work.

What is a licensed electrician?2021-05-07T19:05:25-04:00

A licensed electrician, also known as an electrical contractor, has completed an apprenticeship and successfully applied for licensing in their province or territory. With that licence, they are accountable to their provincial regulatory board and must maintain their skill and competency in electrical work.

Why is it important to hire a licenced electrician?2022-03-07T16:21:19-05:00

Hiring a licensed electrician means hiring a professional who is accountable to a provincial regulatory board to do a job well and see it through to completion. An unlicenced electrician isn’t required to maintain competency and is not responsible to a higher authority for finishing their contract.

How much does it cost to redo electrical in a home?2021-05-07T19:03:57-04:00

The cost of a full electrical rewiring ranges widely depending on square footage, the type of wiring in place, and the unique requirements of your home’s location. Generally, you can expect to set aside $10,000 or more to rewire your home.

How often should you rewire a house?2021-05-07T19:03:35-04:00

There is no hard and fast rule for how often you should rewire your house. Rewiring work may be necessary if your older home hasn’t had electrical work since its construction, or if the last time you rewired your home was over twenty years ago. Even homes that’ve had a full electrical overhaul only two years prior may need a rewiring due to chewed wires or storm damage. If you have any doubts, get your home electrical system inspected.

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